1. Parker Cannon of The Story So Far 

    Vans Warped Tour 2014


  2. Andreas Moe: Photo Collection 

    So I have been super slack recently with updating this blog, been on and off tours and crazy busy, which probably isn’t a bad thing. Only a month now until I head over to America for the Vans Warped Tour with Enter Shikari so I thought I would try and update this as much as possible beforehand.

    Here’s some photo’s from a shoot not so long ago with the extremely talented and great guy who is Andreas Moe. He’s a Swedish Singer/Songwriter who’s coming back over to the UK to play with John Mayer at the O2 Arena this Monday, mental. 

    We shot these up around the Hampstead Heath / Highgate area and nearly cancelled an hour beforehand due to weather turning real bad and raining on and off. I’m really glad we went ahead and carried on shooting as the weather suits the atmosphere perfectly and the overcast really helps bring out the flat tones from the Kodak Portra. 

    I’m lucky enough to be shooting Andreas’ debut album cover soon also, real excited to crack on with that! If you would like to check him out, head over to his VIDEO here. My also very talented friend, Kate McGill features as backing vocals on the verses! 


  3. its been a damn while since I posted on here. and at first it was going so well…

    I do have a reasonable excuse though, I’ve been on the road touring with 2 great bands and friends of mine (Eliza and the Bear and Morain) for the last 3 and a bit weeks. 

    Expect plenty of photos and updates from this trip in the next few days aswell as lots of new content. 

  4. Photoset: Meadowlark

    Been a week or two since I’ve last posted anything on here as I’ve been away in Europe on tour. So here’s a new update…

    Here’s a collection of photos from one of my very first promotional shoots and luckily with some great friends. The guys at the time only had one song online and creating an amazing buzz from their first debut release. 

    We wanted to try and recreate the themes set around the song and the bands name so the open wilderness and woodland area. Unfortunately i’m going to keep the location a secret as it really is a hidden gem…

    This was one of the first times using my Pentax Spotmatic and also the last time I shot on my Canon A-1 before it died (the colour photo was shot on the A-1). The films used Ilford XP2 (also one of the first times using C41 B&W) and an expired roll of Kodak Gold from 1989 which caused the wonderful trippy and leaky colours. 

    At the time I was still figuring out the best settings at direct sunlight so there’s a few things I would do differently but overall these were some of my favourite images and working with friends makes the process so much easier. 

    We’ve since shot some more promotional shots which look great and i’m looking forward to sharing these also! 

    Listen to the guys first single off of their debut EP at - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRM3ZIbiJMc 

  5. Recent Photo: Self Experimentation. 

  6. Recent Photo: Swim Deep, Brixton Academy. 


  7. Recent Photo: The 1975 - Brixton Academy 10/01/14.

  8. Photoset: Lauren Aquilina, London. 

    In July I had the privilege of shooting some new promotional photos for Lauren Aquilina. An incredibly talented 18 year old singer/songwriter who went on to headline the BBC Introducing stage at Reading Festival this year and achieve many great things! 

    I had originally met Lauren whilst I helped crew on her video for ‘Wanderlust' with Kode Media at Alexandra Palace. I got in contact afterwards with a few photos I had taken during filming and we set up a shoot not long after.

    We wanted to try something a bit different with this shoot. We had two locations in mind (Greenwich Foot Tunnel and Highbury Cemetery) but unfortunately the cemetery involved us paying something around £9 each to get too into which seemed crazy so we ended up exploring around the area. 

    The tunnel is quite an amazing location, it’s a good 5 minute walk to walk from one side of it to the other. The spotlights aren’t so amazing… Especially when shooting handheld. These pictures were shot mostly around 1/30th of a second due to the rest of the tunnel being so dingy in lighting but when under a certain light it looks pretty great! You just have to be very wary of shakey hands!

    We used some talcum powder to produce the first image, getting Lauren to clap hard so that the powder would spread through the air and timing my shot a few milliseconds after the impact.

    The film I shot on was Kodak Portra 400ASA as I knew this film would suit all lighting situations and still produce the exact results I wanted. 

    I’m looking forward to working with Lauren again in the near future, her music is exceptional and you will be seeing alot more of her now its 2014. 


    Heres Lauren’s latest video for ‘Sinners’ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knzu1g-S0fI

    Shot by Daniel Broadley